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Järfälla municipality is situated 20 kilometers North-west of Stockholm.

The association Järfälla Spelmän with its about 80 members was founded in 2011.
The majority of the members play nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle, a unique Swedish string instrument ) or violin, but instruments such as accordion, clarinet, mouth-organ, zither, guitar, mandolin and contrabass are also represented in the group.

The purpose of the association is to reach out to people and inform about traditional music and dance in general and uphold and develop the musical tradition of Järfälla in particular. Since we are lacking old tunes from Järfälla we have created our own tunes and keep on composing new tunes. Our repertoire is a result of a folk music inventory.

Järfälla Spelmän – usually about 50-60 musicians at a time – get together approximately once a month. We mostly play our Järfälla tunes then. When travelling in Sweden or overseas we also play tunes from other parts of our country.

Järfälla Spelmän performs at music festivals, on the Swedish National Day, concerts and other occasions. Järfälla Spelmän has released two CD’s. On the latest one we are playing together with Järfälla Symphony Orchestra. We have also been playing with Järfälla Musikkår (Järfälla Concert Band).

In the last few years members of Järfälla Spelmän have performed abroad; on Åland and Japan.

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